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Liechtenstein in Figures

Every year, the Office of Statistics publishes the popular pocket statistics "Liechtenstein in Figures". The attractive brochure contains a lot of interesting facts about the Principality and provides an interesting overview of the demographic and economic situation as well as the development of Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein in Figures 2022

Popular pocket statistics

28.01.2022 - The brochure Liechtenstein in Figures 2022 conveys Liechtenstein's most important statistical data in colorful, easy-to-understand tables and graphs. To help you find the information you need quickly, the brochure is divided into these 12 topics:

  • Geographical Situation
  • Environment
  • History and Constitution
  • Population and Housing
  • National Economy
  • Employment and Education
  • Agriculture
  • Goods-producing Industry
  • Services-providing industry
  • Transport and Communication
  • Energy
  • Public finances

Print edition

Printed copies of the brochure can be ordered in German and English from the Office of Statistics by email at info.as@llv.li or by phone +423 236 6876.


Methodology & Quality

The Office of Statistics is the statistical information centre of Liechtenstein. Its task is to provide relevant, reliable and coherent statistical information on society, the economy and the environment. In doing so, the Office for Statistics is guided by the European Code of Practice.